Get a $20 check for each one that you post.

We are creating an automatic phone sale script generator for members to use when someone calls for an inspection. Each member’s business is different so the way the system will work is that it will ask you to look at a list of potential reasons a consumer should hire you, check the ones that pertain to you, and hit the SUBMIT button. Instantly a phone sales script will appear for you (or whomever answers your inspection business phones) to use to convert callers into clients.

Many members forget how many reasons there are to hire them and so don’t ever use those reasons to sell.

Other members will benefit from a well-formated script to work from.

Other members might want to use their unique script to give to the person who answers their inspection business phones.

Other members might want to make it an outgoing message on their answering machine: “Press 1 to hear the many reasons you should hire me to do your inspection.”

Other members might get ideas from it to create a “Why hire me.” page on their website.

And ultimately, I might be able to build a system that catches members’ incoming calls when they can’t.

We’ll send you a $20 check for each “reason to hire me” that you can think of and post on this thread. If two or more members post the same reason, the first to post wins.

There is no limit to the number of $20 checks you can earn.

UPDATE 1/13/2013: Idea page created:

I’m a Certified Master Inspector.

I give every client a copy of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book.

I carry Error and Omissions insurance.

I offer mold inspections.

I’ve been in the inspection business X number of years.

I offer commercial property inspections.

I generate my reports on-site, no waiting.

I accept credit cards.

I offer Home Energy Audits/Reports.

I’m available on Saturdays.

I’m available on Sundays.

I carry General Liability insurance.

I offer lead paint inspections.

I am First-Time, Homebuyer Friendly.

I offer pool inspections.

I offer spa inspections.

I am a member of InterNACHI.

I am licensed.

I offer WDO inspections.