Get 'em while they're hot!

Just dipped…






What’s that all about? Please elaborate.

Damn… I thought you were offering corndogs fresh from the oil!!!

Which tool company?

It’s good to see that you’re getting some IR work. Are you NACHI Infrared Certified?

I am I am!!!

Are you Flir, ITC or Snell trained and certified.

Got my cert through Snell.

What’s that all about? Please elaborate.
Did some imaging on about 36 electrical panels and MDP’s for a Klein Tools manufacturing plant in Rockford, MI. Took a quick shot of some screwdrivers coming down the line after their handles were put on (dipped). I did some imaging in their headquarters in Illinois and they asked if they could fly me out to one of their plants in Michigan. Left at 6:15am and back by 4:30pm via their private jet.

*It’s good to see that you’re getting some IR work. Are you NACHI Infrared Certified? *
Is that going to be a ‘Wow’ factor for my clients?


Glad to see that IR is working out for you. It only gets better if you are aggressive and have the “bug”.:cool: I never did hear back from that job we bid. Oh well, probably had someone do it for a lot cheaper. Had a lead on a roof job in Minn. today but they found someone local.

Jeffrey -

Someone asked if you were NACHI IR certified so I thought I’d ask about real certifications.

I have a Fluke but went to Flir cause they did it here in KC … I’m pretty sure I wish I’d gone to Snell. You went to Snell … How’d you like it.

Really liked the Snell Group. Theory, Hands-On and Application were all covered significantly. I’d rather attend a class than a webinar just for the interaction.
They even had a 1/2 day class so you could learn about your own imager.


How much were classes Jeff?
Was this in the Chicago area?

$1700.00 and an additional $300.00 for the ‘Get to know your imager’ class.
The class was in Palatine.

Don’t tell me you’re thinking about learning how to take pretty color pictures of an electrical panel…


You never told me that you were doing so Jeff.Had no idea you were a closet rainbow freak.

As an Electrician that you are it is understandable however.
Just curious, as I may get one just for water intrusion scans which certainly should not entail 1,000s of dollars in training and if they want to sell me the damn thing they should help me get to know it before I buy rather than charge me to learn which button to push after I get it IMO.:slight_smile:

They don’t sell imagers. They are an independent training party.


You need to focus on “focus” maybe.

You did say it was a “quick shot” I guess…

Yeah…they were going down the line at a decent speed. I’m surprised thay came out that good,


Pretty cool you got the job.

I took 4 pretty color pictures of panels and conductors yesterday. $150/picture- not bad for 2.5 hours work.:wink:

Taking pretty color pics gets you the best color of them all…green.:slight_smile: