Get listed on page ONE of Google and Yahoo!

It seems to be pay to play or “Adwords”.

Why pay a middle man?

Agreed. Been there, done that. (adwords)

Middle woman wanted me to do it with them. Minimum monthly amount $500!! (got her down from $800) :shock:

Didn’t do that.

BTW, didn’t do that.

I just used the advice that Dominic provided. Now I am on the front page for all of my keywords. It only costs a little bit of time.


Any regrets? :wink: :twisted:

If an inspector is going to have google adwords or yahoo adwords, they could purchase it themselves as others have said. It doesn’t make sense to pay a middleman. If anyone has a question on what adwords to use, ask here we’ll help you out for free.



No :slight_smile:


Not the first time I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth…er…keyboard. Type something fast without fully realizing the implications to how/what I just said…

Didn’t realize how it sounded, until Richard pointed it out. :shock: