Get My Report

For those of you who have the “Get My Report” sign in on your website…
how are you using it?
What are the benefits?
Any negatives?
Are you sending them to your website from the initial “report upload” email notification?

I use it. It just creates a little more traffic to your website. You can also replace the HG logo with your own.

Hey Frank,
DO you have the sign in on your home page or did you put it on another page?

But I took it a step further. The report is viewed on my site.Check it out enter your info to see it work

The page is devoted to report access. Hmmm, maybe the homepage would be better. I wanted it obvious and simple.

There is a trade off by putting the log in at your home page versus a “get my report” page.

Marketing: have agents and buyers come to your site to pick up the report. That is branding and does get you some seo credit. As soon as they sign in, its HomeGauge hosting the report. The end result, your agent will soon realize that you store all their reports for them, That anytime they need to get to their reports, all they need to do is go to your site. This compared to just emailing the report is much better for your business.

negative: SEO Search Engine Optimization can penalize you some for having it on your home page. Because once they sign in it is HG displaying the report, the SEO thinks that your visitor quickly left your site. It still is better they came there for branding versus sending an email, but little help for SEO.
To have the report on its own page and have the buyer and agent land at your home page and use their brain to recognize “Get My Report” and then click on it…it helps more with SEO.

Either way is better than emailing an attachment.

Yeah that is definitely a trade off. I have some decisions to make.

My thoughts are that I want to make it easy for the agent/client to get their report from my site. All they have to do is go to my website and they login at the top of the homepage.
Also the problem I see with it being on another separate page is - if I put the link in the initial “report has been uploaded” notification email and they click it, it takes them to my site and they have to look for another link or not where to go. I feel like I’m leading to my site and hoping they figure it out. You know how some people aren’t as keen as us inspectors. :slight_smile:

Link them directly to the view your report page, Not to your home page.

I have it on my home page (plus all the other pages). My site needs a lot of work though :roll:

That’s nice Frank.

How much will my SEO suffer if I have it on top of my homepage?

I’ve done both I have it on my front page and I created a page just for report retrieval. I also left the direct link to HG in the notification email so they have several options. Bottom line is I want them to be able to get the report with out going through too many hoops.

I left the HG logo on the get my report. Home Gauge is used by a lot of inspectors in Charlotte and a lot of agents recognize the HG logo and are aware of its features. I’ve had several ask me if I use Home Gauge for reporting. So having the logo at least for my market is a plus.

Thank you Kenneth for mentioning the branding we have with agents. This is a recent comment we had from an non HG inspector who called in and spoke with Bethany in our office:

Just talked to an inspection company that was horribly confused because they were dealing with a realtor that was refusing to accept their report unless it was uploaded to her HomeGauge account. The company is downloading the trial now, I walked them through the manual upload process. They plan to take a hard look at using our software. Thought you might like to know. We all think it’s pretty awesome.