Get off my property!

Did a commercial inspection today on an apartment complex. The owner claimed roof was only 6years old and said it couldn’t have any issues… well we reported the sunny side as cupping and needing repairmetc. He said all you inspectors always try to find things wrong now get off my roof or I’ll stick your camera up your a$$!

I pulled my guys down and removed all inspection equipment from roof. Explained what happended to my client and showed them the photos. They talked with Realtor and did have us continue the inspection… but we only made it through 5 more units before our client thought F this guy!

What a day! We then went and inspected a different 140 unit complex with no problems from that owner.

That guy was the deal killer of a 1.3+million dollar deal!! love to see the agent when our client told em to forget it we feel the owner has something to hide.

A 140 unite complex with NO problems??? WOW

From OWNER allowing us to inspect

Double Check the post:)

O!!! I stand under:D