Get paid to generate renewable energy

I am getting a price to install a solar electric about 8,000 watt roof mount collector Thursday or Friday Will keep all posted ,
, Thoughts … Roy .

…At this time they will pay for 20 years 80.2 cents KWH Guaranteed .
I sent them email 1;05 pm and they got back to me at 2;15 ,
I had sent all my info and they had put it in the computer and had all the answers .
Well presented clear and knows the business.
Looks like my area it is about 7 years pay back.
Mine is a choice house roof slope and is close to facing exactly south.

Any thoughts or questions appreciated … Roy

Below is the Government plan

I hope you send every taxpayer a thank you letter. :roll:


We in Ontario need more electriciy big time ,Looking to buy it from Labrador 1700 miles away .

Then build a power plant.

It cost less than a nickle per kilowatt when generated conventionality.

Nice Roy, keep us posted.

[FONT=HelveticaRounded-Black][size=3][FONT=HelveticaRounded-Black][size=3]It would cost about $30,000 to purchase and install solar PV panels on the roof of a
home or commercial property. The panels would take up about 4 metres x 5 metres of
surface area and have a generating capacity of about three kilowatts (kW).
This installation would generate about 280 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity a month.
Under the microFIT price schedule, the payment for rooftop solar PV is 80.2 cents per
kilowatt-hour. That’s about $7 a day or just over $2,500 a year. Purchase and
installation costs could be recovered in about 12 years (estimated).

And conservation / energy efficiency measures should cost a lot less than $.80/kWh!! Glad I don’t live in Ontario…

PS: A line in the brochure says costs for a 3,000 watt, $30,000 system should be recovered in about 12 years.

Q: When does the taxpyer get his money back from subsidizing dear Old Roy?


I cannot afford that Roy, Dalton has made this Green Energy Act the most expensive source of electricity you can get, even when his plan of all 19,000 or whatever the number is of micro-fit systems are in place it will produce less than 1% of our energy needs. I was at the Ottawa home show and one of the dealers was trying to convince me that this was a good idea, I went through the costs and what it will do to hydro bills for Ontarians and how it is not in ant way sustainable, he agreed with me and called me a “man of principle” because I won’t do that to my neighbours. I ask one thing…how long can you buy something for .80 cents and sell it for less than 10 cents and stay in business?

Many residents in our county have installed the large solar panels after being assured they would be on the energy gravy train. One family spent more than $ 100,000 putting them on three of their farm properties, based on promises from our provincial government and after being assured by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) that they would be receive a wonderful return on their investment.
A few months ago, most people in our area, including this family, were notified by the OPA that unfortunately the power grid was not able to accept their power now and perhaps never would be.
There are now a number of legal actions started.
Their first mistake was believing anything that our wonderful Premier Pinocchio said.

Buyer beware !!!

Bill Mullen

How about the subways in Toronto you and I have been paying for them since 1955 and they have not once paid there own way .
And we will be building more .

Many things are not the best .
But are needed and bought .
How about the war in Libya that is costing us a huge amount of money only 6 of 53 of the NATO are paying any thing.
How about education ,food ,transportation ,building and more for our Northern territories ,should we stop paying for them too.

I except these expenses it is part of being a good Canadian .

But you buy from the US instead of supporting local businesses in your backyard???

We help pay for subways and transit to help keep our roads less crowded, I don’t completely agree with this but it does help us as drivers. The government (me and you and others) paying 8 x the selling price of something just does make economic sense, either hydro rates or taxes have to go up to cover this, and less money in taxpayer’s pockets means less spending in our economy, less spending in our economy means less jobs, less jobs means less government revenue and that equals higher taxes and the circle goes on and on. At .80 cent per kwh and I use roughly 1,000 kw per month equals $800 and don’t forget the debt retirement, delivery etc. plus HST it would likely be close to $2000 per month for electricity cost.:shock:

Exactly my mother did not raise any idiots
Where was your car manufactured ,Both of mine where built in Canada .
I also support a USA home inspectors association that helps all Homies .
You do not support any association you are the Parasite not me

It is said by the right all the time to frighten the public…no one has proven that to me!!

The money collected by taxes does not disappear into a black hole nor is it taken out of the money supply. It runs through the economy by different routes and is spent differently than the individual would spend it on trinkets, etc. Governments pay teachers, fire fighters, police, military, other workers, etc,(these workers live next door to us and not in foreign lands)…they build roads, schools, water/waste systems, hospitals, seniors care homes, airports, etc… These things are all part of our economy!!

We do have to ensure that taxes are used wisely and not like the $50 million that was capriciously spent by Conservatives (without records or formerly “necessary” reviews, it appears) for the G20 meetings in cabinet minister Tony Clement’s riding. Where is the transparency needed to stop this crap???

Brian, my math tell me that if a guy is making $50,000 a year, pays say $15,000 in taxes and the following year same income but $20,000 in taxes he has $5,000 less to put into the economy.

I am getting a price to install a solar electric about 8,000 watt roof mount collector Thursday or Friday Will keep all posted ,.

Well two came and gave me there best ,Both sound good to me ,
[FONT=Arial][size=2]Cost was very comparable .about $50,000;00 plus taxes .
My Roof has new 40 year shingles faces almost true south is 28 feet wide and 23 feet ridge to bottom 4/12 slope .
An 8/12 slope is about 20% more efficient . They have to check if they can take the power in my area ( most are ok) Possible more support required inside PE checks and gives his report , If Needed it usual is 2*6 fastened to the existing Rafters .
I would end up with two meters one for my usage charged at normal rate , second for what is generated sold to them for 80.5 cents Per K H .
If excepted guaranteed for 20 years …
System Generates 8,000 watts DC and converted to AC .
They do produce heat so snow does not last on the units .
Shingles are protected from sun so roof is expected to last longer .
Added weight is about 2,000 lbs.
They unit is on line and monitored constantly so if one panel is weak it shows up I can monitor it any time I want .
7 years ~ pay back .
Do not know what we will do need time to think about it .
Hope this helps all… Roy

Your example is foolish and unreasonable! A small tax increase of a few per cent over 2-3 years will not hurt most of us in the middle class and up!! Hopefully, any increases will not include the working poor.

To repeat again, your hypothetical $5,000 is not taken from the economy but cycled through it in a different way. Hell, there was a retired Minnesota republican governor quoted in the first Bush win (??) as saying “There was a time that the GOP would increase taxes if it was needed”. The right is buying votes with our own money by promising personal tax cuts as they try to appeal to our personal greed!!

The NS Conservatives did this a few years back- a 10% cut in NS personal tax was promised pre-election…they won and promptly said the province could not afford the cuts and never brought them in!! They knew what bought votes!!!

So what services do you want cut so we can have lower taxes…firefighting, police, military, law making, schools, jails, roads…?

If you want to see where tax money is being lost (like into a black hole where we’ll never see it) read the following article:
In the Maritimes (where the $7 billion IRVING empire has its fingers into everything) the founder KC, lived most of his senior life in Bermuda and it is reported that the companies were registered there for tax savings.

In the mid 1990’s, it was reported by Denis Desautel, (our Auditor-General before Sheila Fraser), that people with net worth as low as the $4-5 millions were beginning to do the same for tax avoidance while making their money running companies in Canada. That tax money is disappearing from our economy.

Charles: I consider this as one of the top 2 or 3 countries to live in in the world and as such, I don’t mind paying taxes to support what we have. It takes money to run a first rate country that people wait for years to try to get into or risk their lives to sneak into.

Where else would you prefer to live? Tax rates are very low in many foreign countries …do you want to live there? Here’s a chart of effective corporate tax rates worldwide…

Here’s another of corporate, personal and VAT rates for much of the world. Found 3 countries in the middle east with no personal taxes…I don’t want to live there!!

I find that most folks are caught up in the consumer greed society and feel they should have everything companies advertise to them to feel “complete” and that they have “made it”. I’ve been telling my kids for years: “Don’t let the ads tell you who you are!” Seems to be working.

Why always :So what services do you want cut so we can have lower taxes…firefighting, police, military, law making, schools, jails, roads…?

Why not cut needle exchange programs? Do something about the homeless industry, people siphon millions of dollars off of this and the people they are supposedly trying to help are still on the street. This still does not explain why we should be paying .80 cents for something that is sold for less than .10 cents. You don’t really think this is good for taxpayers do you? And I will also say the folks like Roy and many others will get royally screwed on this deal, The lawsuits in a few years will bankrupt Ontario, almost there now after 8 years of Dalton.
You are correct, a 2-3 % income tax hike won’t hurt us, my hydro has more than doubled in 8 years, gas has doubled in 10 years, food here is crazy, and we shop basics not pre made stuff. A 6 lb chicken here is about $15, bread $3, local diner here the other day 2 burgers, fries and 2 coke $23 now HST has added 8% tax to everything that didn’t have it before. We here in Ontario are being screwed. My property tax and car insurance are the only reasonable bills I have.


I can tell you first hand that there are all sorts of government programs and grants that community groups can apply for, as well as all sorts of government subsidies paid on agricultural production, industry, energy sectors, et ceteras.

There is a lot of fat that needs to be trimmed, but what keeps happening is we see an increase in taxes instead of the gutless politicians cutting spending in order to get re-elected or to keep their support from unions for instance.

Anyone who lives in Ontario knows full well since the liberals have been in charge the number of taxes levied by a pathological scandal ridden premier is unbelievable.

Read it and weep.
List of Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Scandals with Details…