Get prepared now, you'll need an Ontario home inspection license, nose, and two ears.

Once licensing is adopted in Ontario, having a home inspection license will be like having a nose and two ears. You’ll have a nose and your competitors will have a nose. You’ll have two ears and your competitors will have two ears. You’ll have a license and your competitors will have a license.

So what separates the winners and losers once everyone is licensed in Ontario?


I’ve seen it happen again and again. Once licensing is adopted… it becomes an ALL-OUT MARKETING RACE.

Best marketer wins!

I’ll be explaining how Ontario home inspection licensing and marketing are tied together in Toronto on Thursday night, October 18th… be there:

Nick, just like many in the US us northern boys and girls are dedicated hunting and fishing fanatics. Moose season starts Oct 15 till 20th in most of southern/ central Ontario. If you or one of your buddies draw a tag, well lets just say taking two days out of a five day hunt would not generally be approved of. I will have to catch you next time but I am glad you are getting up here anyway.

I found time for the Inspection Marketing! I will see you all there.

Well I’m a target shooter (handguns) and not a hunter. But even if I were a hunter I’d still be there. See ya on the 18th.


Gilles, Kev, Nick, everyone, remember one thing when you are there, It is the weekend of my birthday. See you there!

I know I have been AWOL for a very long time, but things are looking up for me RE HI, so I apologize for my absence, miss me while you can.

Look forward to seeing everyone there. I agree with Nick, it is about “All Out” marketing.

Yes nice to see the Body to faces I see on OOVOO.:mrgreen:

I too will be there so ontarioachi will be well represented! I have been in contact with Kevin and Len to see if maybe we could meet with members at an earlier time in the Best Western Lounge and talk in person for once!

Bruce we can always tie some antlers on Nick on stage after the show:)

If the meeting starts at 6 then getting there early is probably a must unless you want to sit on the Highway all afternoon. I think meeting up earlier would be a good idea. 5.30 on the 401 is not my idea of time well spent. I might have to 407 it there. Looking forward to meeting some of you there, just booked my tickets. Hubby is coming too, and then he is doing HI training for three days straight starting on the Friday.