Get some free publicity on the radio. Can someone do a radio show. 1 hour.

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Hi Nick,

I work with Jefferson Lilly, owner of Park Street Partners and host of a popular podcast called Mobile Home Park Investors. We would love to have you on the show as an expert guest to talk about InterNACHI. After Harvey and Irma, we would love to hear the advice that mobile home inspectors recommend for getting mobile homes storm ready.

Our show has a large audience of mobile home owners and is getting a massive 10,000+ downloads a month (show sheet is attached). The free marketing exposure will hopefully be of benefit to your company.

The interview will simply be an hour and done via Skype or phone and is pre-recorded.

Nick, can we get you scheduled for an interview later this week or early next week? We normally record in the afternoons, Eastern time. What day/time would be best for you?

Thank you kindly

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I sent you an email and would to help.

I am A Florida Licensed General Contractor & a Florida Licensed Home Inspector & a Certified Master Inspector.
I also do a ton of Wind Mitigation Inspections in South Florida where we have a ton of Mobile Homes.

I would love to help you out and I really enjoy radio shows and have the perfect face for radio :slight_smile:

Check out my commercial InterNACHI made me. No script done in one shot on the fly :slight_smile:

Apparently a CMI and General Contractor and WInd Mitigation Inspector and Licensed Home Inspector is not what they are looking for. I think they want a dedicated Mobile Home Professional. I personally do not know of ANYONE that specialize only in such an ENDEAVOR. kIND OF HARD TO MAKE A DECENT LIVING OFF OF THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE MUCH TO BEGIN WITH, UNLESS i GUESS YOU SELL THEM THE HOMES OR LEASE THEM THE SPOTS TO PUT THEM ON??? Sry bout the caps I am NOT yelling I just suck at typing and always hit that darn cap key :slight_smile: Hmmm I can Build anything or inspect anything and tell people daily how to protect their fixed homes but cannot figure the best ways to protect a mobile structure, seems odd to me.

How do you know this? Did she respond to your email, or are you just assuming she ignored your request because she hasn’t replied yet?

I communicated with her. Thanks for caring so much about us Florida folks.

I do not think she even knows what a Wind Mitigation Report is even though they are almost never asked for on a mobile home some of the same principals apply for protecting mobile homes, I also have other suggestions based on experience. While growing up my school was next to a bunch and I have had quite a few friends who live in them and I have had many as clients. It is really some basic simple stuff but after her last response I just let it go. no reason to talk to her further I just figured I would vent here as it seems strange I would not be qualified in her mind. I did not even care about the publicity because what would it really get me-NOTHING. I just like Radio shows and would like to do them as often as possible.


It did however make me remember a product / system I have had in mind for them for a very long time and maybe it’s time has come. Seeing all the Mobile Homes in the Keys did not end up in the Back Side their is definitely a need for my idea :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Michael!

Your profile looks great, however, we do need somebody who is an expert specifically with mobile home parks.

We really appreciate you contacting us.

Kindest regards

What does this have to do with Florida, other than Nick posting in the FL section? Perhaps if you had done a bit of research before jumping in to get first strike, you may have gotten further than the boot out the door! Typical for you!

What makes you think that? I simply contacted her and told her my qualifications and I was willing to do it?

( out of 10 times in this biz and most others those who strike first get the job those who hesitate do not. “ANYONE DISAGREE”?

Down here if you are advertising for Wind Mitigation inspections or 4 points if you do not answer the phone they simply go to the next person in their list. No messages left nothing. I have found out if there is an opportunity out there you find out about and you want it you better JUMP to get it.

You assume an aweful lot. Where does it say in her post that she was looking for a Wind Mit expert? Again, if you had done your research, you would not be here pulling your usual b*tching crap!

I guess you are just under educated on the subject.

" for getting mobile homes storm ready."

Wind Mitigation is all about getting Homes and structures STORM READY , Not actually doing the Mitigation but pointing out what could be done better or what is lacking.

All the principals apply " especially on Opening Protection" plus some extra things you can do for Mobile Homes.

Would you like me to explain Opening Protection to you so you can see how they would be the same for all living structures?

Seems to me like you as usual just jumped into this conversation trying to bust my ball like you do any time you THINK you know something.

I only read a little bit of the original post.
I stopped when it asked what to do to get a manufactured home ready for a hurricane. Or something like that. My answer to that without doing another radio talk show. Number one move your *** out. Number two make sure your homeowners policy is up to date.

I’ve done thousand or more manufactured home inspections installing them and doing foundations certifications . And certain proprietary bracing like the Oliver’s do wonders to strengthen the manufactured home.
However get the hell out of Dodge if you live in one of them in a storm.

Best advice that could be given but would not make up much of a show and you can do things as you know to help protect them when you leave :slight_smile:

I know I am MORE than Qualified to answer anything SHE could throw at me.

I had even planned on doing a great amount of extra research and have the info printed out in front of me so I could give them all the best info possible.

I will listen to the show for fun to see what EXPERT she comes up with, it ought to be interesting bwa haha. I would bet no one is going to put the effort into it that I would have but that is her loss not mine. I just wanted to do it for fun.

The thing about me is whether I do something paid, free, or for sh-ts & giggles I always give it 100%

I also stopped and said to myself that it would be hard to spend a hour talking about how the best thing for a mobile home in hurricane country is to not have one in the first place. If you do live in one and want to know what to do. That can be done in 1 second and one word. RUN!

I thought that’s why they are called “mobile” homes. Best tip, keep air in the tires.

have her call me , I will bring the best structural engineer in the state of florida on air with me

I hope he is a structural engineer who specializes in MOBILE HOMES…Bwa ha hahahah.