Get Thee Into The Crawlspace!

There is one other big benefit to a sealed crawlspace beyond energy efficiency and protection from moisture intrusion into the home. Sealed crawlspaces are less creepy! How many of you invite homeowners to accompany you in a crawlspace inspection?

I have been in conditioned crawlspaces I would almost eat off the floor in. When I find these ones I allow my clients to go to the bottom of the stairs but that is a far as I will let them go. Here is my reasoning, they do not have a Hard hat, gloves or steel toed boots.

As a joke I have invited a few… in a couple cases I actually had them follow me…lol. Not sure if I would do it again simply because they had a lot of questions which slowed me down but with any client present, I use it as an educational experience for their benefit.

As a GC I do encapsulated crawlspaces…they are very effective.
I wish they were a requirement.


I had a guy Saturday that was gung ho about getting in the crawl with me. When we suit up to get in I go in first and turn around to hear him say from the access “I will only be in your way, I will stay out here”. I have had the whole family, kids included come into a crawlspace we have encapsulated!

Had them follow me, even had a new agent suit up and go in, she was eager to learn all ends of the home kinda of refreshing . Only problem she was all of 100 lbs wearing my 2 x coveralls lolol

What you have mentioned are the two main reasons. I have head that since there is less moisture in the crawlspace there are less insects including termites but I’m not sure if that is totally true. I recently jumped down into a tall crawlspace covered in plastic. After about 30 sec I heard something and the buyer jumped down there in his suit minus the jacket. He said it seemed so clean down here I wanted to check it out.