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So this morning I roll up to an inspection. There is a half built deck but the owner died and never finished it. With the deck in its condition, buyers would never get approved for financing. So they decided to front the money to finish the deck! The deck guys get there at the same time as me and get to work. The house had one of those crappy aquatherm hot water heating sytems and of course it wasn’t working. Thats when the light bulb went off for the buyer. If they decided to walk away, they had already invested in the house!! He told the deck guys they might need to stop working and called their realtor. Well I hear him and his wife fighting and the realtor was on the phone trying to calm them down. Then the DECK GUY tells me he inspected the water heater and heating system and it was fine. He was the one who installed the TPRV discharge pipe too! The TPRV discharge pipe was PVC and 12" off the ground. Well…the attic was covered in moisture stains and when I broke the news to the buyer, he lost it. He forced the deck/HVAC guys out of the house and said out loud 100 times: Why didn’t we get the inspection first?!

It was the most bizarre situation to date

Thats it. Now I have to write the report :slight_smile:


Welcome to our world .
Seems some one has some thing new for us all to learn .
Great post thanks for the info.

but the realtor told them it was a good idea… I think they need a new realtor before anything else.

I almost told them if they walk away to sue their realtor, but I just stuck the facts

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How Bizarre. How Bizarre.

All of us need to be cautious who/whom we work with. It is OK to turn down business. It would have not hurt you to walk away from this situation. Agents, in this economy, will do and say anything to sell a home. Congrats, you are now a Certified Deal Killer.

Sad that the home buyers listen to their agent, and not us first. They should.

I believe Joe Ferry wrote an article about this subject.

IMHO, and I have talked to several politicians about this, that all homes should be pre-inspected, repairs made, before any home hits the market.

Just think of the jobs it would create, the quality of the home offered to the consumer, the comfort in getting a loan on the property, ease of closing, the more money the home would sell for…

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