Get to a high-value Infrared Certified course.

High octane too…:slight_smile:

I highly recommend this course.

Having developed, implemented, and taught numerous technical courses, I’m always amazed at how many training organizations are unfamiliar with the word “scope” as it applies to curriculum developement and technical content.

This course conveys Infrared Thermography in simple language exactly as it should be presented (well, a minor tweak never hurts anything;)) This technology is not as complicated as its made out to be, and its refreshing to see that concept incorporated into this course. Nice job guys!


And after you get certified, be sure to put this video on your website.
It’s one of the best marketing tools to use.


With a nice suite like that, Nick is not paying you enough!

It’s in the works my friend. My new site content should be updated by mid January.

Want To Embed Our Infrared Video Into Your Web Site?

Video Title: "Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography"
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**Looks like this >>> **

Yes I know…thanks John. I have a lot of content updates too so it will take a few weeks to launch.