Get to know me. William Nufer

Its time to start the rest of my life. I have been in the trades for over 35 years, and have tried many different trades.Most of the time I was in the floor covering industry, installing carpet and vinyl. Due to a couple injuries, and some dumb decisions on my part, I am still stuck at the labor end of things.At the age of 50 went back to school (University of Phoenix) and got a bachelors degree in business and a $65,000 student loan debt.Now I need to start paying this off but how. I am unemployed and just trying to survive. That’s where this coarse comes in.

Good luck to you!

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I feel for you Brother. I have gotten messed up pretty bad and have paidn every day. I was in the top of my field before the crash. I was a G.C that mainly installed Stucco and related stuff to major builders. The crash taught them a lesson and there is little to no money for subcontractors any longer. Good Friggen luck it really sucks to have to reinvent yourself when so old. I’ll be 48 soon :frowning:

Best of luck to You Bill and welcome !