Get Well Inspection Certified with Joe Farsetta, New Hampshire, October 7, 2006.

I’ve done many “get well” inspections. Them were some very sick houses. :margarit:

Will John Bowman and Carla also be there, if so I may come up…lol

I won’t be. No reason to attend this training meeting. Now I will be attending another New Hampshire meeting in October. Come on up then.

How polarizing and divisive of you to participate in this kind of banter, Mr. Executive Director. I would hope that, in leading the entire association (and its many factions) that you could somehow remain above this.:roll:

Are we fiesty this morning Jim? Is there a problem with my simple statement that answers Mr. Kelly’s question?

John, James has a job to do also, you should let him do what he does best.

OK. Go ahead James continue on…

CHILDREN,[size=4]Children, CHILDREN, Please play nice !![/size]


Or not.