Get Well Wishes

Go out to Greg Bell for a speedy recovery, he is recuperating at home from a stroke he suffered a few days ago and will most likely be sidelined for at least a month.

Greg has always been there for NACHI and has helped many home inspectors throughout Florida, he was also the 1st inspector I got to know when I began my business.

Now would be the right time to send some prayers and good chear his way.

Sorry to hear this. Greg, wishing you a a full and speedy recovery.

Prayers for you and your family. And, Godspeed for a full recovery, Greg.

Wow sorry to hear this.
Greg is a great person & resource for all members here.

Greg Bell Titusville, FL .
One of the best , sorry to hear wish you a speedy recovery… all the best… Roy Cooke

Get well Greg

Thanks guys. Hopefully it was just a wake up call that I need to take better care of myself. I expect to make a full recovery.

Thanks for the report Gad you are active , Now listen to your Doc …
All the best … Roy

Praying for you Greg. Take care. Wishing you the best.

Prayers to you and your family Greg, get well soon!

Good to hear Greg!

Best wishes Greg.

Get well soon Greg.

Prayers,for full recover consider full vegan diet look into t. Colin Campbell and Dr esstlstyn groenbreakind work on reversing disease through diet

Prayers and best wishes Greg.

Hang in there Greg

Good to see your post. Listen to your Doc.

Glad to hear you’re ok!!!