Get you some Charley!

Try this roof on, there red hat…:wink:

Two questions.
How are they venting it?
Do you comment on chimney base flashing that is not step flashing?

OK 3 …is that a hospital bed just past your van? :slight_smile:

what kind of hospital bed has a trailer hitch on it?:mrgreen:

Thought he fell off and the paramedics were carting away the body.:slight_smile:

It has soffit vents and a big fan, you just couldnt see it.

Sadly, lack of step flashing is the common around here, and the alternative is what you see. Most performs as long as its maintained, but writing it up usually falls on deaf ears around here. I generally do comment on them just to inform that they will require maintinance to keep them from leaking.

Its a boat btw Bob.

Yeah wrap around is common here also.
I just mention it is dependant on sealant.

I want to know how he got on the roof, his ladder is still on his Van. ;):slight_smile:

flat roof and a cushion.:smiley:

I was thinking the same thing. Hard to read from the pic, but I’m guessing a 9/12?

Gotta be 12/12. Pretty steep. I would have to walk up the valley on that one.

Just a walk in the park, with a valley like that what do you want steps:p

This was a fun one.

It was a pleasure to talk with you this week Charley. It was nice to meet you and your wife.

Same here Troy Nice to put a real face to a message board post. We left Thurs morning and took the canyon in by air quite the expericense

All it takes is once.

Coffee my place or yours:D

Sorry. I do not drink coffee.

You walked these roofs, Troy?

Do not forget the crown Bob.
No 3/1/2 inch over hang with rain curff or capillary break.
Good job on the step flashing call. Expensive repair on the slope.

Nice climb Charley. You must be half squirrel.
I am to afraid to do that now. Not enough practice.

He prolly did I sent him a pair of my charley special golf shoes:p

Sorry Sean. I thought it was Charley. Your the squirrel. WOW!!