Getting a lot of SPAM e-mails..

since I put my e-mail address on my Message Bd. signature.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Pete, a sure way of attracking spam is to have your email in your signature and on your website. A phone number would suffice. :slight_smile:

the more you advertise on the Internet…
The more SPAM you will recieve

Just recognize it…
delete it
and move on…

Welcome to being in the public eye. Look at it this way, the more you are seen, the more your potential clients may see you!!! Embrace it!!!

That’s certainly a different take on it, Joe and Jeff. TY.

Marcel, the only reason I put it on my Board signature was for convenience of other members who may want to e-mail me privately. But the message service built into the Message Bd. system should be fine I guess.

Pete, you can always be contacted by the Message Board capabilities available unless you block it. Fromn that point, it can switch to email.