Getting a safe sound home (part two)

Nick is quoted again in part two of a Daily Herald series on home inspection in Chicagoland. am writing in response to Mr. Joseph Ryan’s article Nov. 16, “Getting a Safe, Sound Home.” He states a tub and shower combo must have a control valve limiting water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That is false.
Per state of IL Plumbing Code 2004 Sec 890 690 B, water temperature safety, shower bath combinations shall be provided with an automatic safety water device to prevent sudden unanticipated mixing changes in water temperatures. The mixing device shall be either thermostatic, pressure balance, or combination controlled ANSI/ASSE 1016 1990, with a handle rotation limit/stop adjusted to a max of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, not 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
I suggest Mr. Ryan in the future would ask a licensed plumber on issues concerning the plumbing code, not a home inspector who is not licensed to inspect plumbing per the plumbing license law.
Charles R. Linkenheld Schaumburg
This guy is blaming a home inspector for the mis-information, however I have an original copy of the piece and see that this information source was from the ICC.
Anyone ever see an illustration of a house that states (tub and shower combo must have a control valve limiting water temp to 120 degrees?
The illustration in question seems to be sourced from the ICC.

I have sent a feed back to the paper.
I am responding to mister Linkenheld whom claims that the story Getting a safe ,sound,home is inaccurate due to the writer quoting a Licensed Home Inspector when in fact what Mister Linkenheld is refering to is an illustration which was sourced from the International Code Council.
He needs to tell that governing body they were inaccurate,and not bash hard working Home Inspectors.
Yes I am one, and take offense to his comment.
We are allowed to observe which is a term of words only and due to the same plumbers union that thought PVC drain traps should not be allowed for the longest time.