Getting back to the course

Can anyone please tell me how to get back to the course I was on? I posted an image and now I cannot get back to the course I was taking. There isn’t a forward or back button that I could find and now I’m, concerned I may have to start over. This site seems a little user unfriendly sometimes.

You will not have to start over even if you completely leave the site. When you return to the course your progress will have been saved.

Just go back to your Dashboard and click on the course you were taking. It will pick up where you left off.
You think this is confusing? Wait until you start evaluating Inspection software. :slight_smile:

You can leave it for months and when you have time to return it will take you to where you left off.

Raymond, you might want to check into this.

Yeh that’s all correct. My wife set all this up cause I’m just simply not that good with the computer stuff. She explained why it came out that way but yes it’s correct. Thank you for the concern.

Thanks for letting me know. This site gets a little frustrating to say the least.

Thanks for letting me know. This site gets a little frustrating to say the least. When you say “inspection software” do you mean for the classes or for actual inspection use? After what I have experienced so far I will stick to Home Inspector Pro for my inspections. Lol. I don’t have time to spend hours trying to figure out how to navigate around this site. It’s just not very user friendly in parts is it?

Thanks for the info Sam

It’s pretty much like every other forum. It just takes a little practice. And yes, I was referring to the software used for the inspection.

And if you really lose your way (switch computers or something), every page of every course has a navigation bar on the left side that allows you to find your way back to wherever you left off.

And it even gets better. When you go to take the final, if you haven’t completed any section of the course, the system will tell you what you skipped over and make you complete it before it will let you attempt the final exam. In other words, our system verifies that you’ve gone through every section of the course.

Our system is amazing, you almost can’t screw up. You could literally take our courses backwards (starting at the end and working your way to the beginning) and our system would track every section and before you take the final exam, confirm that you got through the whole course. That’s how impossible it is to mess up.

Tip, if while taking a course you want to post a PIC on the message board… open a new window so that you stay inside your course.