Getting Bens 22 pack of inspections...hard

I have been attempting to purchase Bens 22 pack of inspection reports. This site always comes with warnings that it is an insecure connection…anyway I finally went ahead and tried to get them anyway…put in credit card info and ‘checked out’ and such but still have no results. I really want these…anybody else have any luck scoring these babies? im probably doing something wrong…any suggestions?

What’s your address?

I ordered them a while back and all I can say is that I liked then and learned from them. Well worth the $20 or whatever they were.

Michael, did you place your order under your name? I’m not seeing any orders that came through under a Michael Inwards. I’m not sure why you would have seen that we have an insecure connection, you can check out SSL certificate which is on every page of our site on the left hand column. You can email me at with your order info and I’ll check for you to see what the problem is.