Getting calls from people for wrong reason?

I have been getting calls from people who think a Home Inspector is the last word so to speak. One woman was fighting with her landlord & wanted me to inspect sub standard wiring, pests etc, so she could use me to testify for her in court. Another gentleman called to see if I would inspect his fogged windows & hail damaged frames that his insurance company would not pay off on due to age. I politely refer them to window companies, or health or city inspectors. Just wondered how many of you get calls like this?-Don Miceli-Denver

Get them all the time and simply defer to proper channels.

…and let me guess… NONE of them want to spend any serious cash!

Yep, get 'em all the time. Welcome to the limelight!

I get them also. One lady wanted me to sneak back into the home she was evicted from to document mold conditions. She quit paying her rent until the mold was removed. The owner said there was no mold and evicted her for not paying her rent. She actually wanted me to sneak back in late one night and document it before he could clean it up and rent it again. It takes all kinds…

Usually 1-2 a month, sometimes more. Mostly renters that didn’t go through the place and now want someone to inspect so they can get out of their lease. Same as above; refer them to the city or county inspector.

All the time.