getting certified

i keep feeling like I’m taking a contractors licensing course.

I’m an insured, licensed general contractor myself. Lots of overlap.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Actually is good you feel that way… means the courses are covering material that you need to know… and that you are leaning something through the process.

There is a lot of material… and a lot of effort has obviously been put into it. It shows.

Even older inspectors can learn something from them… as most of us do not know it all… and most of us do forget things now and again… some more than others :slight_smile:

And the other good thing about our courses is that we get comments on all of them all the time. We research every one of those comments to make sure we are correct. Today for instance, we had an Alaskan member believe that he found termites. Our courses state that Alaska is the only state that doesn’t have termites. So we had to research that issue all day. We had to contact treatment companies is Alaska, the Department of Agriculture, Universities, etc to try to get to the bottom of just that one issue.

Now imagine doing that for 200 courses over 10 years! The courses really get good over time and better every day.

Good work…

But they have to get through Canada to get to Alaska… :slight_smile: And so far have not yet made it.

Only on southern coastal area of British Columbia and a bit on interior around Okanagan Valley area. Also a bit in the very southern part of Ontario and Quebec.

None around where I am… which is about 100 miles north of Toronto.

Having said that… good to know you do the due diligence and keep on top of it.

We have had possums invade us though!!