Getting clients

Hello everyone. I’m getting started with home inspections. I have had my state license since March,but had to put everything on hold until I finished doing a rehab. I started some advertising in small steps a month ago. I have had trouble with getting a website. I passed out a few business cards to realators. I have an add in the weekly church bulletins. I also have an add in the local community monthly paper. I think that when I have a website,that might help. But so far not one call.
Any ideas?
Thanks Bob Rosinski
Valparaiso Indiana

Hit the open houses. Better than an ad to connect with Realtors one on one.

Had a lot of success mailing a brochure, biz card with a hand written message on a sticky note. -Give me a shot when your go to inspector is to busy.

How about Christmas cards? Anybody try that? Send to all the realators in the area. What other businesses should I target?

I sent out over 300 Christmas cards to Realtors. It worked. I’m booked through March. It helps to add a gift certificate with the cards.

:smiley: Damn, you’re doing better than Billy.

Linas, you are joking right? I can’t get agents to wait 10 days. You are kidding.

I LOVE sarcasm!!

LOL, hard to tell with these guys sometimes.

lol, it’s** never** hard to tell with Linas :mrgreen: