Getting hired with state or county as a building inspector- where do I begin?

I’ve been doing some research about building inspection careers, either with my local county or the state government, and the job duties, salary, benefits, and outlook are all very appealing to me (according to the California EDD Website.

I think I’d like to proceed as a “green” building inspector as the demand appears to be rising significantly for this type of construction, especially in my state.

So how do I become employable? My local community college offers an Associate’s Degree course in Building inspection. But then I am seeing things about needing to be ICC certified and LEED certified, I’m assuming that these are entirely different courses. So do I start out with the foundation AA in Building Inspection and build from there? Does a 2- 3 year outlook for education and training seem to be the norm for this?

I currently have a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies & Communications. For the past 8 years I have worked as an un-certified un-licensed commercial property inspector for insurance companies and banks (otherwise known as “field inspector”). I have inspected over 3,000 buildings, however, not in any type of professional or licensed capacity.

The link you provided ( is pretty self-explanatory.

Marcel, I assume you are referring to this section:

Seems it is referring to private employers, and I’m looking for government work. I was wondering if anyone has specific knowledge about public sector inspecting.

Also I was kind of confused about the last part. It says colleges offer associate degree programs, but then it says “a bachelor’s degree can often substitute for experience.” Does this mean ANY bachelor’s degree?


So what type of education is required to get that initial experience? Not sure if I can use field inspections as proven experience.

A BS in Home Economics may due…

You worked inspecting for 8 years and you don’t consider that “experience”?

Why don’t you take a walk down to the AHJ and take one out to lunch and get your ? answered?

What did they do?

Your degree in communication should help, once you learn to speak building code.