Getting paid to advertise on my site

Are any of you receiving payment for advertising on your website? I’ve beed approached to place a three word search phrase that links to company website on my site by an advertising company. They will pay me a monthly fee for that link on my page. It seems legit, I contacted the ad company and checkout the website of the company who’s product I would be advertising but it still seems to go to be true for three search words with link to their product. What do you think?

I don’t know what it would hurt? If they didn’t pay you, you could always remove the link.

There’s several companies doing this now. They want front page linkage as those are worth the most. If you do it, make sure it’s at least real estate related so it doesn’t look lame and put it out of the initial view of your home page (make them scroll to see it).

The company is a Home Alarm Security Company and the ad company said I can put the link any where on the home page but not in the footer. So I do plan on putting it at the bottom of my page.

I get these offers quite often. What are they offering you for compensation? Usually the offers I see are $25-$30 per month. Not worth it to me. They do not allow backlinking as they are paying for the advert. Zero benefit to me other than the minimal fee collected.

If they aren’t paying remove the link. If you need some money then they need to pay up front. It wouldn’t hurt to up your prices if you can.

They paid. I got my first check for $30 today.

Sheesh duplication my friend… Websites at 5 bucks a month, 30 coming in for that, screw inspections… start a jillion sites…