Getting Ready to Pay for the Proctored Exam in Florida

I have completed the 120 hours (and then some) of coursework. I’ve studied, taken the final multiple times highest score was a 96, lowest was an 86. I’ve reviewed the material and taken all the quizzes on the subjects that the exam said I was weak on (never scored lower that a 67 on any section.) I think I’m ready. I’ve got my credit card on the desk in front of me to pay for the exam. VERY excited.

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Good luck Richard. It sounds like you are ready to join us and start a fun and rewarding career in Home Inspection.

What do you know about Boilers and Ice-shield?

Yes, I know I’m an ass, but see the quote in my signature. I really am trying to help.

Let me be the first to agree with you… :sweat_smile:

Funny you should mention that. As a central Florida HVAC guy for 30 years, I really had to study boilers, oil burners, and the like. They are things I had limited experience with, if I’d ever encountered them at all.

Not a damn thing. Except one is hot the other may get cold…Huh?

I think EVERYBODY knows that, LOL


I mention that because most in Florida just assume that it’s mostly a non-issue in Florida.

The REALITY is… the NHIE is a NATIONAL Exam, and you will be tested on systems from ALL 50 states, NOT just Florida.

Be prepared!!!

Good luck. Sounds like you’re ready.

I recently took the Exam yes there’s plenty of boiler questions…
I’m in VA,though.

I wondered about that so I searched the Florida forum. Figured someone had already asked that question and gotten it answered. They had, and it was.

Best of luck!!!

You’ve got this, Richard! Go get 'em! :grin:

I will second that, LOL

Looking in a mirror 3

Hahaha , all in good fun

Roy … Agreed

Passed with a 95. Thank you InterNACHI.

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Here’s something you won’t learn in class…good luck to ya!
Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)

Thanks. Very good tips.