Getting ready to test drive

I downloaded the 30 day demo for my desktop, and the app for my droid, now I’m playing with them as I watch a couple of the tutorials, however, I don’t know what to use for a username. The app on my droid is the test one, but that doesn’t allow me to test drive the app as it doesn’t allow me to upload to the cloud. How do I get a username/password so that I can test the mobile app and the upload to my desktop…or back and forth… Thanks! I would like to try it live on Monday’s or Tuesday’s inspections.

Go to the HIP website for assistance. Dom is getting married and may not answer here or other message boards for a few days.

Go to our website and click on Pricing. Select the Cloud Service Trial. That’ll let you create your account to use on the desktop and mobile software.

Dom, what a great guy, you are getting married, and STILL took the time to answer a silly question… wow… Congrats on your marriage!

That’s the kind of amazing support we HIP users have come to know and appreciate.

LOVED the mobile app/software. After only 2 inspections, I decided to pull the trigger. Looking forward to Monday’s inspection to really start getting the hang of it. Been playing with the narrative template, and now I think I’ve got it set to the way I inspect, so maybe I’ll start to see the time improvement. Got a new camera too, it uses NFC to connect to my phone… that should REALLY help with time to finish the report…

Excellent! If you want to join in on a group or 1 on 1 training session during the week, just let us know!

What is this Marcy?

it’s basically Bluetooth between my phone and my camera. As long as the two are close together, the camera loads the pictures into my phone gallery, or I can set it up onto my laptop as well, so then I can upload them to the report… should be a fun deal, I’ll find out Monday…