Getting Real Busy

Business is booming!!!
We’re booked out 6-7 days in advance.
Our Realtors are extending inspection contingency periods to 10 days instead of the normal 5 days to give us a chance to get the inspections completed.

Thats so sweet of them. :smiley:


Same here .
Just booked through Friday.
Doing lots of two a days now.

Gonna need someone to fill in when I go on vacation
but I think everyone is busy.

Met a jerk ASHI inspector today but will save that story for the Nachi Chicago meeting.:slight_smile:

Show up sometime Linas. :frowning:

Free 3 state CE’s on Thursday.

I haven’t been as busy as y’all but have had enough to put some beans on the table

Linas, I’m happy to hear that those kneepads and mouth wash I sent you for your B’day are coming in handy.

Northeast Ohio is jamming also.

No problem.
It was a pleasure to meet your Mom when we passed through Ohio recently.
Last time we met, she was a gulper, this time she had a bottle of mouthwash with your logo on it.
Why the change???

You know, change is good, you don’t want to get in a funk doing the same thing over and over.

You are a little piece of… aren’t you.
If you were raised where I come from someone would have already Ice Picked your worthless spine.
But, then again you don’t have a spine.

Why are you so upset Roy?
Why, a big homebuilder like you claim to be, shouldn’t have any more than a few minutes a day to spend here with us lowly home inspectors.
You’ve got over 500 posts here in the last month. What’s up with that??

Send some down here to Kansas City!

Booked solid through Friday. Might have to squeeze a couple late ones in this week.

Just booked a 5 unit building near Wrigley for Saturday so one up on ya Troy. :slight_smile:
Let’s keep em rolling.

FREE??? still cost to attend

Buyers only get 5 days?! We get 14 and that’s never enough time. I’ve been booked out 15-20 days for months. That’s a fast moving market. Whew.

Around here they get 7 days.

Clients generally don’t even price shop now-a-days, it’s just “are you available to do an inspection”. Time to raise prices.:smiley:

Ya duh.
…and how much extra for the CE’s again.
OH free .

Pizza does not grow on trees you know.

$10.00 more than a normal meeting for chapter members

OY ,my emailer made it look free.
No mention of extra dough other than the aforementioned pizza.
Da boise a’nt gonna like dis racket,yo see.

They get 10 business days here…I’m swamped too.