Getting started: fictitious name or incorporate?


there are tax advantages to incorporating, but the first year you will likely not manke enough $ to matter in this aspect. The other is IF you get litigated (sued) you keep your personal assets separate and “off limits” to any judgement or settlement. If you miss something and the plaintiff is awarded more than your insurance covers, they may only go after copropate assets (how much stuff do you really have as an inspector) like possibly computer some used tools etc…not worth the expense. If not incorporated you could face lien on your home, car, etc…even in some states wage garnishmint. A corporation can simply fold up and be done. The costs for incorporating in RI were about $1000 in legal fees (you can do it yourself and cut in nearly in half) and about $500 per year to remain incorporated…

good luck.

A Corp. will add little to no protection in a law suit.
Both the corp and you personally will be sued.
You are the President of the corp., the sole stockholder, AND THE GUY THAT DID THE INSPECTION.