Getting started in H.I. - California


I’ve been a member here for a few months, worked through several of the online classes, have been watching videos on the youtube channel, and feel like I need some hands on/live training to actually “DO” the work in order to really start learning the business.

In the Orange County area, do any of you have suggestions for a good live course to really get my feet wet?

Thanks in advance!

Live school in North San Diego County

Absolutely agree with Frank. Mike Casey is one of the best.

The ASHI school does training in Orange Country a few times a year.

When I was training, I drove down to OC for it.

Mike does classes with real houses.

Classes with real houses are the way to go.

Books are good.

Better than books is a classroom course.

Better than classroom courses are online courses.

Better than online courses are online video courses.

Better than online video courses are mock inspections with subject matter experts on many real homes with lots of defects (almost impossible to find).

Better than mock inspections with subject matter experts on many real homes with lots of defects is one ULTIMATE RIDE ALONG:

Get a job with a construction company and build a few houses. Your feet won’t get any wetter than that.

What if the builder takes shortcuts and doesn’t follow current building standards?

Yes, that’s a great idea. I spent 40 years doing that. :slight_smile:

Great in theory, but not realistic for me. I’m looking to learn this business and slowly transition away from my corporate career. I’m at a stage that I realize I want/need to branch out on my own, not continue to make faceless execs richer.

I appreciate the suggestion on the live training though, I’m definitely going to look into that. Thanks!


I was being facetious about taking 40 years to get your experience. Live training on real houses is definitely the best way to jumpstart your career. Also take advantage of everything Nachi has to offer, including the House of Horrors.