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Gentlemen and ladies,
I’m trying to get started with Internachi and am at the point of “mock” inspections. The problems I’m working on are multiple. I think I’ve found he subject homes io inspect and OKs from my friends. Then there is the issue of software, marketing materials and so on. I’m trying to NOT put the cart before the horse as I’m known to. In order to look professional, I need at least business cards and possibly a brochure. I’m not in the mood to spend more money recklessly. I want to use the InterHACHI service but I’m not yet certified as a Internachi inspector. As for software, any input is very appreciated!
Thank you ALL!

Closer Look Inspections LLC

A business card and brochure isn’t “spending more money recklessly.” Just make sure they are professionally designed before you print 10,000 of them:

For marketing, I’d suggest reading every thread here twice.

For software, well, there is a reason Home Inspector Pro and Home Gauge have their own sections here, as most inspectors here choose one or the other. Both are good, and it seems to mostly come down to personal choice.

Charlie just keep reading and learning from different sources. Nachi made my current happiness thanks to using the forum here and also using the great educational resources .Take live CE and join a chapter while reading the helpful forum responses and try to stay out of what unfortunately has become a larger percentage of members only section.

When you ask questions or share ideas many will belittle you so learn to be tough and not let the goofs get in your head.

Keep in mind your goal is to be helpful and be a expert to Clients meaning going beyond SOP as much as possible.{{Do not listen to the B>S of staying in SOP}}

Now that I said that develop a kick *** website and expect a slow start that slowly snowballs unless you screw up.The Clients you take care of will refer you and the Agents will refer you if you make their Clients happy. Yes it is that simple but at your point want a jump start so use google ad words and sign up for home adviser for a short time but realize if you stay too long will be doomed to cheap fees and lower income.Use them for a jump start then get out.

I do not usually give this much advise so take it seriously.

To be a member here you have to be tough but just remember most on here do not even know how to spell your name Charley:D:D