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icon_biggrin.gif I’m interested in becoming a home inspector and have found plenty of sites on the subject, but none indicating initial start up requirements. Several questions: Once training has been completed either at a continuing education class or correspondence course, doI need to begin as an apprentice and complete a certain number of inspections with a certified inspector? (if so how many) or can I begin as soon as I complete the course study? I’m looking for an A to Z site explaining all necessary proceedures to begin this endever.


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Alot depends on what state you are in? I believe it varies across the country as to what gov. entitiy inspectors are regulated by. In Texas, for ex., all of our inspector educational and licensing info would be with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). Your state, if not Tx, might be with your state real estate commission’s website as well. Need a little more info from you…

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