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I am interested in home inspections. I'm not sure where to start.

Do you need a contruction background? How long do you need to be an apprentice? ( I live in NH). Do you get paid for your time when you observe inspections? Overall is there a demand for home inpsectors?
What kind of training is desired in order to get hired?

Thanks for any info. I would really like to make this a second job.


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Welcome to NACHI.

The best place to start is reading all the postings on these boards. Check with your state real estate commission. Somebody from your state will have more specifics than me.

I would not count on getting paid to observe inspections. In fact, it may be quite the exact opposite if it is someone in your immediate area. If you travel outside of your competitors area then you may be able to shadow an inspector. Alot of inspectors do have a construction background but some do not.

Provide some more specific information about yourself and you can get some better info. from people on this board.

Richard W Washington