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Hi my name is Bill Smith and I am new to NACHI. I was wondering if I could get some advice on getting started in the Home Inspection Business. I have seen all kinds of different reporting forms,software,videos,brochures,business cards, websites, tools, faxes,toll free lines, CO detectors, Gas detectors,etc,etc… icon_question.gif

I realize that having all these things would be a great asset to a business, but I just can’t buy everything at once. I am just curious to what you, as inspectors have found to be the best and most beneficial to starting your businesses. I realize this type of question may get asked a lot but it would take weeks to go through all the posts in this forum.

Thanks, Bill

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Hi Bill–welcome aboard!

The list of necessary equipment varies with the individual. I have heard of guys being successful with little more than a clipboard, pencil/paper, flashlight and screwdriver. At the other end of the spectrum is the very successful inspector who feels a thermal-imaging gun at $10,000 a pop is an absolutely necessary tool. I'm somewhere in the middle, but wouldn't think about performing an inspection without my combustion gas detector, circuit analyzer, carbon monoxide detector, moisture meter and infrared thermometer. And don't forget a healthy portion of common sense, along with some professional and general liability insurance. The trick is doing the best you can to educate your client while protecting yourself from the less-than scrupulous out there, all while trying to show a net profit.

Michael J. Kober, P.E. and H.I.

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Hi Bill…welcome.

I made the mistake of thinking that brochures could wait until I start generating income. When visiting the BIG offices for the first time, the meetings always went overwhemingly well until the end. That's when they said "Brad, just give me some cards and brochures and I will make sure some business comes your way."

My response? "Uh"

Actually that response was just a thought. I actually said that had just ran out of brochures, but I have an order in at the printer, and I will make sure you guys are the first to get a big stack of them. The smaller offices seemed to be happy with cards and the informational binder I give to all the offices, but when there are 50 or more agents in an office they want easy access to your info without having to hunt down the "community binder."

Have some professional looking brochures handy at all times. I have ran into "big fish" while out around town and had no marketing materials with me. Opportunity lost. Be ready to sell your services 24/7.

Just remember, we are all new at our jobs at some time or another. It all depends on how much effort you put into learning as to how successful you are. I once read the following somewhere and it stuck:

"It doesn't matter how much you know...what matters is how you market what you know."

I know there could be an argument against that statement in our business, but it gets the point accross. Knowledge, experience, and better equipment will come with time, but in the mean time make do with what you have and do the best job you can for your clients. Without marketing, though, it just won't work. Some guys target different markets, but they do have a target, and it works for them.

Good luck.

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Hey Bill-

Welcome to Nachi. By the way - nice name!!!! To get started you will need business cards. Brochures should follow. As far as reporting software- I use the ITA Matrix Deluxe system (checklist in a binder) and then do the summary in Word with digital pictures. It seems to work for me. I'll check out the on-site report software at a later date. If you want on line reporting try ReportHost ( As far as tools go, you can start with basic tools and add bells and whistle later. The most important tools you will ever have are your eyes. Read this board often - there's a ton of great info posted every day. Good luck.

Bill Smith
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