Getting started

I just finished my online courses with Penn Foster and I’m wondering what my next step should be. Any advice for getting started in this business would be greatly appreciated. I’m currently in a small town in Northern Nevada but hoping to relocate to CA or Southern Oregon.

Read all the posts, threads and archives on this board.

Purchase the proper tools

Use a quality report system like Home Inspector Pro(HIP), use HIP website as well.

Market, market and market some more. Read threads by Russel Ray

Ask questions

The next dollar you spend should be toward a membership. There is loads of information in the members only section as well as other free marketing and start up documents that are only available for members to use.

Yes, yes, yes…as Scott said! :smiley:

Join ActiveRain and network with real estate agents in your area.

Inspection agreement
Tools, Ladders
Business Cards
Inspection Software
Shirts with company name

Get out and meet people, realtors, etc, everybody you talk to actually, let them know your in the inspection business.

If you have never did an inspection, find someone who will let you go with them on many inspections to learn as much as possible.

I’ve got to agree with Dale, try to get a few ride alongs if you can. That could be a tough nut to crack, but will go along way getting you into a routine, and what you should be doing. Most inspectors will not be willing to train future competition, explain your situation and you might just connect real fast. Membership here is a very wise investment. Help is just a question away.


Get your NACHI membership, load up on CE’s and learn from our mistakes and successes on this message board. :mrgreen:

Superb advice, there’s nothing worse than doing your first paid inspection and not know what to expect.

Get a few under your belt with a seasoned inspector and then schedule your first inspection, then inspect like you’ve been doing it for 20 years (be confident).

If you come across something you’ve never seen before, tell the clients you’ll research it back at the office (log into the message board and post the question). Oh yes, take a lot of pictures! :slight_smile:

Relocate to Phoenix and follow Dale Duffy and/or follow Brian Kelley around, and when he parks his Motorcycle, lift your leg on it, then ly down beside it and whimper till he takes you in! Then go find Dan Harris, he will tell you What is best! Good Luck!

Seriously, do a bunch of mock inspections,(No pressure) if you know any agents, and follow B.Doles advice on ride-alongs,( Beats any classroom training).

Come to Ga. and I will sell you my company names, website, recently lettered truck and a few tools, that you can take anywhere you wish. If you’re not interested in that, I will **give **you 1000 Nachi Brochures that you can print your info on. P.S. But you have to join Nachi first.

You must be confused Nick, we don’t make mistakes at Nachi! :wink: