Getting Started

Greetings. I have recently joined and will be slowly building a business in home inspection. I have worked in Construction Management for 30 years and mostly as an Owners Representative. My contracts are based on a value of the project and stipulated that if I don’t save you that much you don’t pay. I am looking for some advise on what has worked successfully for those of you in the business for some time.

Not sure that you directly save a client money and do not have a way to measure savings. The SOP when followed for a home inspection is used as a guide to inspect and documents the observed conditions. Charge a resonable fee, give a quality inspection, provide a quality report. The provided report can be used as a punch list to resolve issues or negotiate prices but I don’t think measure savings.

Where are you located ? In some areas of the country inspectors include the prices of the items that need to be repaired or replaced and this would be more towards a way of showing a savings if these are negotiated also…but this is NOT the norm in the country…really only in southern Florida and a few minor places on the east coast…I am still not sure that is a good way of saying that you are saving the home buyer money thou.

Welcome to InterNachi.