Getting started

Hi :
I just became an Internachi member and wanted to ask a question.
After 40 + years as a carpenter and general contractor in residential work, I’m looking to become a certified inspector. I know what the education requirements are here in Virginia but need to accompany a certified inspector for a minimum of 25 inspections. I recently moved into the Fredericksburg/ Spotsylvania Va. area and don’t know anyone local yet.
Is there anyone who could maybe steer me in the right direction in how to do this, or anyone out there who might be willing to take on a new guy?

Nat, I don’t know about your state requirements but I would suggest you look for a multi Inspector firm that is looking to hire you as a trainee. Not likely that this forum is a good source for this but you might also consider doing a search on The Inspector Seek area of Internachi where putting in your zip code will give you the names of other members in your area. Better yet, outside of your area if you are able to travel to them. Contact them directly and see if they are willing to hire you or do a ride along. Quite often you are potentially their competition, but it can’t hurt to try that route as well.

Also be aware that sometimes a person’s E&O and GL insurance doesn’t cover “ride-alongs.” They must be employees, and that will increase the insurance premium. It’s the only reason why I have never helped others via ride-alongs. I can’t afford anyone “working” under my tutelage who doesn’t have insurance.

good advice, thanks