Getting teatamonials

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to get customers to give testamonials. I have gotten a few, but it seems like the majority of folks have to be almost threatened to give one up. I know many are pleased with the service, because I call and check up on things. I don’t want to have to send 6 emails and several calls just to get some results. Any Ideas?

Send them a quality control questionnaire along with their report. It all depends on the questions you ask. Make sure you have an area for them to initial that allows you to use quotes in your marketing.

Just make them up. Just don’t get too carried away.:p:p Just kidding. Make sure you have good references though. Some clients call references to make sure you’re OK.

There are a number of inspectors on this message board that have identical quotes from identical people with only the city name changed. Seems it is part of a particular website company build. They are supposed to input their own but never do.


…just make sure you use spell check:)

I never ask ,but I get emails that read as testimonials, so next time you get one just ask if you can use it.
I have a bunch saved up that I keep meaning to publish.

I like doing unsolicited as they come from the heart and read better.

You could always make them up like Linus …just kidding.
Riiiiight Linus.

Teatamonials, are they painful?

I normally stock beads in order to get good teatamonials…Just kidding. Ask some past clients to submit or use the NACHI Survey.

I always use unsolicited testamonials, because they all read differently and are more believable. Most come from unattended inspections, because I overexplain the s&%t out of the issues (partly as a CYA, but partly because, as they say, they learn so much more than they did from other inspectors.) I then use their first name and last initial, so I don’t ask permission, but I keep them on file for reference.

If you give them more than they expect, people will tell you how much they appreciate what they’ve learned.

I shoot them an e-mail from 1-3 days after the inspection so that they have had time to look at the report.

Here is one I sent out and then the response I received back:


Just wanted to follow up and get some feedback on the inspection I performed for you.

I would love to hear any comments or thoughts you have. I am constantly trying to improve my service and it is always good to hear back from my clients.

It was a pleasure meeting you guys and I hope I was able to answer any an all questions you had.

Thanks again for your business.**

Her Response:

We feel that you did a great job – you looked for things we had not even thought about – very thorough in your inspection and the report is such a great reference for future repairs and keeping everything weather tight – I would recommend you to anyone wanting to feel secure in what they are buying – Even though you were done when I arrived– you took the time to walk us back through and point everything out – Thank you

I just simply ask for their feedback. Some clients are not comfortable doing it and some just don’t care!

It’s a numbers game. The more you ask, the more you get!

Don’t do it!

Thank you Brian and Darren for your witty sarcasm. Instead of focusing on my grammatical error, why not post a message that could actually help me like the others. Why don’t you tell me how I can edit my message and I will be glad to fix this. Thanks to the others for being able to see past a small type-o and actually giving me some solid remarks.

Is this the same as a Teatamonial? Just askin’

I think that is a titamonial!

i’ll testify that is indeed a testamonial

Sarah again???