Getting the Stupid Vote

Watch this series of clips from John Stossel and you may begin to question if everyone should be voting.

John Stossel on Voting

Yeah, I agree especially after going to the gun show yesterday and seeing all of the white trailer trash who were pledging to vote for McCain, quite sickening.

Good point, only the clever right thinking part of the population should be able to exercise the franchise :twisted:

Puff Daddy says “Vote or Die”


Thats a racist comment and belongs on another thread! Bushy will have you for lunch…or will he?:stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder where the Missouri Moderation Board for Racial Justice is?

I wonder where the Missouri Moderation Board for Racial Justice is?

Oh Jimmy B.! Where are you! I think “white trailor trash” is in that database thingy you posted. Someone on your team made a comment that was not very nice! I was was sure the ACLU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Wright, Fairykahn, or somebody would have came after him! Where are the race cops when you really need them!:D:roll:;-):stuck_out_tongue:

McCain supporter–again

Damn White Trash

Colin Powell: Country First!

Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in America?

According to John McCain, if you are an Arab in America you are not a descent person.

Interesting! Never heard that one James. Could you send me the link of him saying that? Not a very nice statement.
Abe “White Trash” Lincoln

So you think you may be White Trash? Try reading some of the qualifications below. :smiley:

#1…Your sister is the third generation of women in your family to conceive a baby as a result of an alien abduction.
#2…Your house still has the “WIDE LOAD” sign on the back.
#3…Your state’s got a new law that says when a couple gets divorced, they are still legally brother and sister.
#4…You hooked up with your present girlfriend as a result of a message on the wall of the men’s room at the Flying J Truck Stop.
#5…You think There is nothing Wrong with Incest as long as U keep it in the Family.
#6…Everything in your life is either Stolen, Borrowed or Compliments of the United States Government.
#7…You’ve been married three times and still have the same in-laws.
#8…You consider your license plate personalized because your dad made it in prison.
#9…You’re a lite beer drinker 'cause you start drinkin beer when it gets day light.(Of course this only applies if you actually quit drinking sometime during the Night)
#10…The FBI has surrounded your trailer park twice, so far this year.

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In another exchange, a woman told McCain that she didn’t trust Obama because “he’s an Arab.” Shaking his head and taking the microphone from her, McCain replied: “No, ma’am. He’s a decent, family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about.”

Being an Arab does not keep you from being a decent family man.

I thought you said according to McCain, if you are a Arab in America, you are not a decent person! I had never heard him say that but I have heard Biden with the middle eastern 7-11 tie in! Can’t recall the exact statement he made but it was not a good one!

I posted it in the Biden is such a nit wit thread. google Biden gaffes, there’s a treasure trove of moronic statements to be enjoyed by all.

“You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent… I’m not joking.” --Joe Biden

Thats the one! Excellent!:mrgreen:

The Video