Getting tired of Caphi in BC

I am very tired of hearing the bashing of NACHI members in BC. I was asked today by a Realtor what association I belonged to. He was referred to me by another Realtor. I advised him that I belonged to NACHI. He stated he only used Caphi members I advised him that was his opinion. He stated that in BC only Caphi was certified. When is this going to end. In the end I told the Realtor it was the clients loss.

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Terry Lowe

Looked at your website. In technical terms, more impressive than mine but, IMHO, you need info about you, the inspector. You can claim a lot about org association, being certified, etc but I find what sells is experience and knowledge. After 24 years +, I’m still just a student applicant with the local org but was at an architect’s house today doing further consultation (after inspection last year) on planned renos… last week a gent from Nanaimo was here to buy a retirement home…both clients wanted me after reading bio on my website…didn’t care if I was rhi, chi or whatever. If you got the goods, show them on your site…if not, get them.

I couldn’t find your name anywhere on your site indicating who the inspector is. Market your name, get it out there. In todays world leaving your name off your website is the equivalent of a business card without a name on it.


That’s great advice. This is common in our industry for some reason. Many websites and advertisements don’t have any people named on them. That is not only a mistake, it’s deceptive.

Buying a home is a very personal event. People feel better if they can identify with the actual people helping them make this huge decision.

Bill Mullen


Yes it is remarkable that one of the most important features is absent from many inspectors sites. Can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would leave their name off the site. Personally speaking I would not hire anyone through a website that didn’t list a contact name.

The other concern I have with websites is the lack of location listed. Short of an area code, there is no info listing were Terry is located. The area code could be deceptive because cell phone numbers have strange area codes.

Name and location. If its not on you site it should be! :slight_smile:

I had a call from a lovely French Canadian lady the other day who, as it turned out, wanted me to go to Hull, Quebec for an inspection ( this came about after a long conversation in ‘Frenglish’ ( mine) where she ended up telling me to “Go to 'ull!” , “GO TO 'ULL!” :shock: :shock: :mrgreen: ) She had looked at my web site and assumed that because my area code was 613, I was located in Ottawa. In reality I am about 150 miles from the inspection site. She, apparently did not look at the map that clearly shows my service area.

Thanks for the advice,


Terry your web page is down …Cookie
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Perhaps he is updating his site, and that is why its down.

Hey Guys,

Can you look at my new site and give me some tips thanks.


Hi Terry,

I would put About Us between Home and Inspections in your banner. And would put your name in your About Us blurb.

I like the fact you have kept your website clean and a good website should entice people to call you. Websites which are to busy, and overboard in providing too much info on a variety of subjects in my opinion is giving away your knowledge at no cost.

Continued success.

Good advice Ray, I would add a picture of the inspector in the “About Us” section; I’ve attached a generic pic that you could use till you get your hair done…


Take a look at my site you might want to add the call me button and the INACHI gold Insigna looks great I agree not to busy.

You should never lose a job to a less qualified inspector… never.

Make sure you have a page listing all the reasons someone should hire YOU!

This is the page you want to point to when someone is considering you.

Here is a start:

Add all your other qualifications and reasons to hire you (I carry insurance, I work on Saturdays, I produce reports on-site, I’m a Certified Master Inspector, I was a former licensed electrician, etc).

Don’t oversell your services! Be honest about everything.

“Our inspectors” Are you the only inspector or are there others?

“Indoor air quality diagnostics” Do you do VOC testing? How would you determine that a plumbing vent was open inside a wall? What about determining dust constituents? Are you HRAI certified for residential ventilation? You appear to sell yourself as a full service IAQ company but only offer a few services.

Good looking site.


Good point. Don’t put anything down or over hype something that is not true. It could come back to haunt you in conjunction with a bad home inspection under the guise of “false advertising”.

As Nick said, list all your qualifications.
Look at some of the other guys sites. Something that should be prevalant is the “CONTACT ME” area. Yours is small at the bottom, make it part of the page. Not the small legal stuff at the bottom, that is for the website creator who no one cares about.:mrgreen: