Getting To The Job May Be The Most Dangerous Part

In our everyday hustle routine, we may all be guilty of pushing it a little too hard just to get there.

Yesterday in the pouring rain on I95 in Palm City, Martin County, FL I saw a single vehicle in the ditch up ahead to my left. No one had stopped yet. As I slowed to look it was a Silverado smashed into the trees and pointed backwards. This must have just happened.

Adrenaline firing, I quickly stopped on the shoulder about 75 yards past. This looked bad. The whole right side of the truck was crushed into a V by the trees. I grabbed my phone and ran. The driver’s door was open and I yelled ‘are you alright’ really loud.

I actually scared the lady driver b/c she did not hear me approaching. She was OK, only a small cut on her hand. She had already called police and her husband and repeatedly said she was OK.

5 min later I was back on the road and realized I was slightly hydroplaning. I backed it way down and played it safe.

It is always possible to get hurt on the job site. With this incident in mind, perhaps we will all try to be more careful just getting to the job site.

Safe travels, everybody.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder, I got in a head on while trying to help, I was pulling over and another speeding car approaching the accident swerved to avoid the accident and came into my lane, If i had not slowed down it would have been at lot worst for the other driver. he most likey would have been killed. Little car does not fair well hitting large truck.

Cell phones, texting, GPS, car stereos, kids, food, drinks, satelite radios, wife talking, weather, night driving, etc. etc. all cause destractive driving.

Did I miss any?

Women putting make-up on, people watching TV or a movie, people surfing the internet & my favorite, having sex while driving.

How about turning the cruise of on wet roads , This has caused many to lose control… Roy

Good one, Roy.

These days people are getting braver on wet roads due to the engineering of newer, safer tires, and as a result, drive faster.

When these cars with good tires drive by a slower person, that person with cheaper, worn tires tend to drive just as fast.

Watch out for older cars/semi-trucks driving fast in the rain.

(Gessh; sounds like low-cost inspectors.)

My fears exactly every time I get on my motorcycle. I often pass cars coming toward me on 2 lane roads and the driver is looking down the entire time (at their phone no doubt). When a Senator’s child gets killed by a distracted driver, maybe something will change.

And the flip side is that when a Senator kills someone while driving drunk, nothing will change.

And the flip side is that when a Senator kills someone while driving drunk, nothing will change.

From what I have been told by a friend that works for an auto insurance carrier, it is now standard procedure for the insurance company to now pull cell records for the time surrounding every accident.

You can be damned sure they also know what the local and state laws are for cell use while driving.