GFCI circa 1977

Here is a GFCI from the master bath of a house built in 77. It appears origional and was the only GFCI in the whole house.

Is there a question?

No question Joe. Just posted it for information.

Did you mention in your report replacement of this device?

Was a new requirement, around 1975 'ish to supply them in Bathrooms and Outdoor Outlets within… 15? feet of a pool and pond, so that would have been about right, for the era. High tech!

In 1987 it was decided that outlets within 6’ of the kitchen sink needed GFCI protection… that was good until '96, then all kitchen counter and all exterior.

I didn’t specifically state to replace this one. In older homes I suggest upgrading in all areas like baths, kitchens, garages, basements, outdoors, etc.

Did you test it…if it works then it is functional.

One thing to consider how many times do you think the GFCI was tripped! As long as there are no buzzing sounds and it trips quickly as Paul says leave it alone.
I have found brand new ones with more problems. Just because you are old does not mean you are useless.

I always test what I can get to. I used the test button on this one and then just for fun the plug in tester. I have seen an article where I think UL stated the life expectancy for a GFCI could be 40 years. I know many fail long before then. Recently had one that wouldn’t trip and it was fairly new but outside which seems to kill them quicker. I like old electrical stuff for some reason. It’s amazing what was the standard years back.