GFCI In ACTION - Mythbusters

Now…watching this you wonder WHY they did not call an electrician in the first place to explain they had the settings wrong…:slight_smile:

Enjoy !!

Nice video, Paul.

Those guys really enjoy their job, ayy?

I bet the biggest killer is grabbing the appliance and trying to throw it out.

These guys do try to do some science but it is really TV.

BTW have you seen the Joe Tedesco videos of hair dryers he throws in the sink? The failure rate of the immersion detectors in the dryer itself are troubling, even if there are good reasons for the GFCI on the wall noty to trip. With all plastic plumbing there might not really be a ground fault.


Did you watch the VIDEO i posted…they had good results on the GFCI in the TUB test. Actually the GFCI tripped on them right away once they had the relay set below the HOLD point.

Pretty cool.