GFCI location

What does the code say about GFCI mounted under the cabinet. Is this OK.

Thank you Harry homeowner for the fine finishing.

FPE with breakers ready to fall out & oversized 30 amp fuses.

Why dont more homes burn down?


The deal killer

Oddly enough I do not think the NEC has a problem with the plug under the counter in the first image…They just frown on the face up ones…lol…plus this is not on a counter top…

The thing about GFCI’s most forget…any normal 15A/20A general purpose receptacle can be on GFCI if you want it to be…

lol…I will only comment on the first one and leave the others for everyone else…lol

Hi to all,

that under cabinet receptacle would be technically wrong if it is more than 20 inches above the countertop.



No counter is present in this IMAGE…lol…Are you imagining counters now G-Man

OK Paul, I’ll give you that one, if there is no penninsular cabinetry below that cabinet I would just write it up for gross stupidity :mrgreen:



lol…I hear ya…

There is a counter below the outlet.


Dang Gerry…Are you talking to Mrs.Cleo…lol…

Ok…if it is not their to count as part of the counter receptacle requirement then it can be over 20"…lets say to supply under cabinet light…lol…

See Gerry…I will try to sneak out some where…lol

I guess the 30a fuses without the fire department on speed dial just goes to show there is a little more safety factor in 240.4(D) than most people admit.
In this respect a 30a Bussman fuse may be safer than a Fed Pac 15 breaker. :wink:

Keep calling them out though. It is still a hazard.

lol…hell Greg…we have yet to move past the 1st image yet…lol…