GFCI Narrative

How do some of you address in your report narrative, the lack of GFCI’s in older homes that did not require them and may not have ever been remodeled? I use language that indicates that they may not have been required but are an easy upgrade to make and I recommend that they do that. I don’t mark it as deficient though. I do mark it as marginal. What do some of you folks do?

GFCI’s (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are safety devices for use in wet locations. This home is missing GFCI’s in areas. New construction standards require them at bathrooms, over all kitchen counters, unfinished basement area, garages and all exterior locations. Local authorities may require GFCI retrofit in older construction at a change of ownership. A single GFCI device can control additional receptacles “downstream”, and you should become familiar with the network of controlling units. I recommend adding GFCI’s as a safety precaution.

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