GFCI? no receptacle...plz help

This outlet was in the garage…it has reset buttons but no receptacles.
I couldnt find out any outlet is controlled.

No one can help you without going there, too. :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe a plan to add a jacuzzi tub?

I don’t know about that thing. Hopefully, you tested the outlets where they are required. If those didn’t trip, write it up.

I would not address that crazy GFCI breaker unless you know what it controls. I feel sure it controls some outlet somewhere, but it sounds like you couldn’t find it.

Leviton Switch-Rated GFCI, Back and Side Wired

(Model # 8590-RB) Detail Box]( Product Brochure]( (pdf)
Note: Picture may not represent the actual product. We are continuously working on improving our website and reserve the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice.

Switch-Rated GFCI, Back and Side Wired has a blank face, no indicator light, and the buttons are now black for the test button and red for the reset button. Switch-Rated GFCI Features:

  • 1.5 HP @ 120V
  • AC switch rating
  • 20Amp 125V feed-through
  • Commercial grade
  • GFCI ground fault
  • Back and side wired

Commonly used for spa tubs

thanks everybody

Agree. Just had one this week.