GFCI not installed in a 100 year old building?

Chicagoland recent Chapter meeting, I would like to hear a bit more about the presentation if that is possible.

IBEW instructor discussions? Name of Code Panel member please?

PS: Is NACHI going Union?

Hey Joe,

I was there. I have one gents name (LMCC) but only half of the IBEW instructors name.
The Gentlemen from the LMCC was Michael Zitkus

Good information from the IBEW instructor. Jeff ( forgot his last name)
He served on two or three code cycles.
Interesting fellow…Great knowledge of code and numbers.
I like his approach of the topic.

We had a general discussion about what we see as HI’s and what HI’s look for.

Talked about

Grounding, Ground rods , GEC
AFCI, Bedrooms
GFCI, and common locations and special conditions like having a bathroom GFCI circuit with the bathroom lamp downstream also shut off as GFCI trips…:shock:
Backstabling of Receptacles, Cheap receptacles
Service equipment (listed) If it isn’t listed it’s questionable…
Video presentation of the Plus 5 program.

We didn’t have enough time to cover more. I would have liked it if we could have had more…

Video presentation of the Plus 5 program, what was this about?

The plus five program is a home owners warranty (5 years) over the minimum 1 year warranty that most home builders give home buyers with new homes.

This program covers electrical equipment/ installations so that way should a new home owner encounter an “electrical problem” they are covered completely. Great deal…Now if the rest of the house would have that…:wink:

I think you can get to the video via the plus5 .org site.

Mean time here are some sites for you: