GFCI or not

I say it should be protected.

outlet behind toilet.jpg

i think it should be removed. could you imagine the poor drunk guy peeing in the dark. or some kid thats learning to pea standing up

If it’s a receptacle in a bath it must be GFI protected.

Removed? WHY?
If you’re peeing a stream on the wall back there you almost deserve to get bit.
Besides, didn’t you see the Mythbusters episode? BUSTED!

I have installed them in this location (obviously a bit more accessible) for toliet seats. No joke.
A couple of them had remote controls. Why, I have no idea.

lol…Yeah I saw that " Third Rail " episode Peter…lol…had to freaking LAY on the dang thing…lol

Yeah, I have installed a few of them as well for a specific toilet that needs a plug.

But it should be on GFCI…it is in the bathroom…:)…

…and the joy-roll was empty…

:shock: Oh, did I mention that the toilet was loose and water was seeping out onto the floor.

Guys with long Dongs using seat warmers Have to have GFCI:) :slight_smile: