GFCI protected outlets wont restore

home built in 1997

2 baths on main level…regular 3 prong outlets

I test one outlet for GFCI protection…it cuts power as it should.

now none of the 3 prongers in either bathroom have power.

cant find where to restore power to them.

owner was on site…he claims that he’s never witnessed these outlets trip before.

myself, owner, nor client were able to find where power would be restrored from.

owner even reset and tested all regular breakers, GFCI breakers, and AFCI breakers individually…no dice

All I can do is call out for an electrician.

Is it possible that something is incorrectly wired???

Probable that these outlets have never tripped in 10 years???

Should I have looked for something else???

Did you here it “click” when you tripped it with your tester?

Did the legend on the panel breakers give any clues?

I’ll bet next time you try to determine the location of the GFCIs before testing. Must be hidden someplace.:wink:

the panel legend states that all bath outlets were on #16 ( 20 amp )

did not here a click ( i always listen in case the reset button is near by )

i retested every GFCI outlet that was accessable and visible…no help.

the 3rd bath upstairs had an actual GFCI outlet…but that did not help.

Remote troubleshooting sucks!

Did the 3rd bathromm outlet work after being reset? May be a problem with this GFCI on reset.

worked fine

head scratch

I’d be tempted to confirm the “line” and “load” connections on the 3rd bathroom GFCI outlet where correct and to make sure the buttons are in the correct position. But that’s me, not sure how you feel about that. I ran into one recently that appeared to trip when the test button was pushed but actually remained live(down stream outlets did go off). It was wired backwards.

i hear ya…could be

this is pretty much what I was thinking at the time.

even though i’m comfortable with GFCI outlet wiring myself, i’ll leave it to the pros to figure this one out.

just looking to see if, other than remote test button that i couldnt find, there was something simple i was overlooking

Did you check behind all the clutter in the garage. I have seen these outlets behing refrigeators, cabinets, etc.

This is the avenue I’d bet on…GFCI receptacle upstream is hidden somewhere. :wink: