GFCI Protection

Good to go right because of the GFCI?? :stuck_out_tongue:

With the exception of the splices I don’t see a problem.


Oh, forgot to ask… Which side of the cord was ‘hot’? :twisted:

Brian, did you try holding your hand under the water and grab the cord with the other. That would have been the “true test”. :stuck_out_tongue:

you have to take Your shoes off first…

Oh my God! Are you flippin’ jokin’?
Well! At the risk of being as much stupid as your post!
It is all fine…Why! Because it is after the GFCI!
The Inspector God needs to intervene with several post, and this one should come first! Damn!
And you have been around here since 2004 ! You really must be snachin’ our chain…Huh?

Ya Robert it is on an aftermarket add on as far as I was concerned and out of my scope.
But it did make me laugh.

Are you at home alone or are your being supervised?

If there is an Adult there ask them how “Humor” works…:stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck you Mr. Kelly
And the lame a
ss horse you stupidly rode into this thread.
It is a very ignorant post and I would hope your stupid as would know it.
Back down Mr. Kelly before you have to buy crutches just to take your dumb a
ss home…OK?

Not really sure how you feel Roy. :roll:

Try and get in touch with your feelings and get back to me Princess…:twisted:

now boys…

Oh! I’ve got it now Mr. Lame a**ss Kelly … You are the world renown Dwelling Doctors…
Give me a friggin’ break… Hold on everyone , In our midst is the God of the inspection world…
Why ! Because he is the Dwelling Doctor.
What a friggin’ joke.
This …I’m sorry , but this made me laugh…Y’all ready for this…
Don’t laugh ! Ok!
We Make House Calls!
I can’t help but giggle !
Kelly ! You drew first blood! And I’ll work it until the end .
Say your are sorry for your rude remarks to me and I’ll let it drop…OK?

On a second thought !
On your site you claim…

Would you please enlighten me how Quality Control does anything for your clients? Huh?

Ask anyone around here that knows me. I could be you best friend or your worst enemy…That will be up to you.Yep!
Which will it be?
I’m waiting !

I would guess God himself could not enlighten you Roy… :shock:

Not even going to try.

Because you really can’t answer the question.
I’ll ask it again …

It is on your site and you should without equivocation answer the question.
Friend or foe…Which will it be? Your choise…OK?

So sorry James, but I can not stop laughing…

I’m sure you did…
Another laughing idiot.

You know, normally I would jump in here with some witty comment, but I’m just having too much fun watching these two. Oh yes, I know them both, and this could get v-e-r-y interesting! \:D/

If that was suppose to be humor it was about the worst I have ever seen.
Not a bit funny.