GFCI protection

I inspected a house yesterday that had the washer dryer stack adjacent to the lav sink. The receptacle at the sink was protected but the receptacles front the washer and dryer (240) , were about 2 ft away from the lav. Should these outlets have protection as well? Opinions requested.
Thanks in advance.
Tony C

It’s not required for the electric dryer since the receptacle is 240 volts.

Why does the fact that its 240 volt disqualify it for GFCI protection when it’s accessible from the sink.

There’s just no “requirement” for it. The requirement only extends to the 120V circuits. Additionally, the requirement only extends to 15 and 20 amp circuits.

Adding GFCI protection to a 240V circuit is not prohibited, it’s just not required.

The required GFCI protection for 15 and 20 amp, 120 volt receptacles is not to protect the appliance it there to protect the user, someone who may plug a portable tool into the 120 volt receptacle. The title of the GFCI protection section {210.8} in the NEC is:

Ok, I understand about the dryer receptacle . But the washer receptacle (120)is as close or closer to the lav than the required gfci receptacle .

This is not an issue?

If the 120 volt, 15 or 20 amp receptacle is within 6’ of the laundry sink it requires GFCI protection.

This is a relatively new code change and that house may pre-date that requirement.

Still does not matter as we report them anyways as a Electrical safety issue.
We don’t report 240 as this is never used but 120 V can be used as Robert pointed out.

I don’t know where the OP is located, but in Ontario if the outlet is behind the washing machine it does not need to be a GFCI since it’s not considered available for use by any other appliance.

You are correct John! Because of the advent of stackable wash machine and dryers it is next to impossible to plug into some but I still mention they should have GFCI protection within 6 feet of a sink.
Guess why?

You’ve got me Kevin. Why.

On many occasions you find that someone uses the bottom portion to plug in an extension cord. That cord generally is under the sink ready to do its duty. At least if they plug it into a GFCI receptacle it will protect someone if used for a Hair dryer, humidifier or any type of appliance other than Washmachine.
That being said there should be one on the wall for Ironing purposes located high beside the sink. This is a judgement call depending on where the GFCI would be located IMO.

It is not a judgement call. The code is very specific as to where they are required.

I can’t, for the life of me, understand why a hairdryer would be used in the laundry room. I think that’s the same argument you made about the closet…

Yes sir and I did ask about it!
CODE is CODE if you live by it you will eventually die from it if you rise above you have a better chance of staying alive.
End of argument.
I think someone on another MB said The minimum codes are a stepping stone to reach for a better solution or something like that.

:roll: Ridiculous. There is no “arguing” with someone who has no facts to support their position.

Arguing with you is not worth my precious time!